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Air Spade Services

Bosky Trees has the equipment to carry out sensitive excavations near trees. The device is known as an air spade and it works by blasting away soil with a high-pressure jet of air. The arboricultural advantage of this approach is that holes or trenches can be dug with minimal damage to tree roots.

Conventional mechanical diggers and hand digging near trees are time-consuming and these methods always damage tree roots (even when used carefully). Air excavation is quicker and safer than manual excavation methods and it leaves fine roots in place. All of our operatives are qualified arboriculturists and experienced in supervising construction works near trees.

The air spade has the following applications:

Installing underground services near trees

Trenches for underground services can be dug near trees causing minimal root damage.

Root investigation

Excavating soil around trees can tell us where the roots of a tree are located and this can inform foundation designs for new structures. This technique can also be used to excavate post holes for the installation of new fence lines near trees.

Soil de-compaction and mulching

Compacted soils can be broken up by an air spade and the air spade can also be used to improve rooting conditions by introducing organic mulch. Together these actions can improve the overall health of adjacent trees.

The air spade removes soil and leaves the root system in place
The air spade removes soil and leaves the root system in place

If you require the use of an air spade please call us on 01373 832778.

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